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We are here to help

We are sorry to hear about the collapse of Tree of Life and The Health Store – our thoughts are with all those employees, brands and stores affected.

If you are a business looking for an alternative wholesaler, or a supplier in need of a new route to market, our Vegan Store Wholesale team may be able to help.

Vegan Store Wholesale is the UK’s largest independent wholesaler and distributor of vegan products. We work in partnership with retailers and suppliers to provide effective supply-chain solutions.


As one of our retail or wholesale customers, you could benefit from:


  • A range of hundreds of vegan food and drink products

  • Easy sign up – you don’t need an account as you can pay by credit card at

  • Product sourcing support to help you fulfil your orders

  • Short- or long-term supply-chain solutions to suit your needs


If we can help in any way, please get in touch. Email us at



Find out more about Vegan Store Wholesale at

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